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Timmy Rivers has spent all of his years in Ormond Beach, on the East Coast of Florida, and his three loves are music, the ocean and racing. He’s been raised with the sound of the ocean in his ears and the day hasn’t really started until he’s checked the waves. His days are not complete without playing the guitar, singing and, if all are right with the world, catching some waves. At age five he was attending a morning chapel service at his school when the music director, who is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist, took the stage and began to perform. Timmy went home and told his mom that he was going to play guitar. He wanted to get a guitar THAT DAY. She thought that it was a phase, but decided to give it a chance. They went to a local pawnshop and purchased a $25. acoustic guitar. He started guitar lessons the following week and was hooked. He pushed himself to learn every trick that he could. In 6th grade a small band was started in his school and he loved playing in the band and performing solo in the chapel services in the mornings. It was hard to get him off the stage. He enjoyed the response of the other students and didn’t seem bothered when objections were raised by some of the “church ladies” that some of his renditions were a little “too enthusiastic” for their tastes.

A series of events in early 2007 lead him to meet Maurice Starr, the founder of New Kids on the Block. Mr. Starr was looking for talent to start a Boy Band. Timmy’s brother recorded him playing a few songs and sent a MP3 recording to Mr. Starr. That was beginning of a incredible learning adventure. He worked with Mr. Starr for a year learning everything he could about the music business, stage presence and what the “it factor” is, that makes one musician stand out from the rest. He worked with choreographers Tyrone “The Bone” Proctor and Carlos Munez,”C-Los.” Timmy’s first live performance was at Lawton Chiles Middle School in Oviedo Florida where he performed in front of 1,700 screaming teens. He was hooked. He loves to perform in front of a live audience. Maurice was a very positive influence in his life & remains a very close friend.

Timmy’s 1st album was recorded when he was 14 years old. The songs were co-written by Stan Lynch (Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame drummer for Tom Petty), who also played all the drum tracks on the album. His music and style has continued to evolve and grow since that initial introduction into the business of recording.

In the summer of 2011 he went to Sweden and recorded three songs from Universal Music Publishing with Martin Hansen, Nordhansen Productions; Harry Sommerdahl, Sommerdahl Musicproduction . He savored every minute of the experience and learned so much working with two of Sweden’s top music producers.

Over the past year he’s been privileged to work with one of the top vocal coaches in the country, Brett Manning in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s spent the year writing songs and recording and he’s definitely capturing a sound that is uniquely his own. He’s digging the experience and is involved in every aspect of the recording process with hands-on input into production and is learning everything that he can about the whole process. He’s definitely learning that the key is to be true to his own sound and true to himself. He’s developed into a multi-faceted artist and just continues to blossom. He just finished production on 3 singles that are ready to be released to I-tunes that were mixed by world-renowned producer, Tony Maserati. He’s very proud of this work. He’s now got another 20 original songs ready for production.

He has created quite a buzz and has caught the attention of the music industry. Some amazing opportunities have come to him and his future is bright.

Another one of this talented young man’s gifts is his ability to handle a racecar. He began racing motorcycles at age 5 and was quickly detoured by his mother’s influence. His Dad convinced her that racing Go-Karts was a safer endeavor. His talents quickly became apparent. He won the local championship in his 1st season. He went on to the state level. He came in second in his 1st season. The 2nd season he won all but 2 of the races and won the Florida Karting Association Championship. He then went on to the national level. His 1st national win was at the Daytona Municipal Stadium the following year. Recently he was given the opportunity to try his hand at road racing. His brother-in-law loaned him a Mazda Rx-7 racecar. He fulfilled a lifelong dream of being able to drive the “highbanks” at the Daytona International Speedway for Track Days. He was given the opportunity to enroll in SCCA driver’s school the following day at DIS. It was a two day session with class room studies and track time. The second session was scheduled several months later at Sebring International Raceway. By the end of the week-end he was told that he’d passed driver’s school and the second session had been waived. He was legal to enter races in the SCCA series. During driver’s meeting they asked him “who’s driving the the 59 car”. He cautiously raised his hand, afraid he was getting ready to be called out for something he’d done wrong. He was asked to come up to the front of the class. The chief instructor told the class “if you want to learn to take an apex follow the kid in the 59 car”. That’s where he got the nickname “the Kid”.

His 1st two races at Daytona International Speedway he placed 2nd. His next three races were at Sebring International Raceway. He qualified pole 3 times. He won all 3 races and broke the track record. During the last race he spun out with 6 laps to go. It took a few seconds for the car to refire. But, he was able to chase down the leaders and again win the race. Seasoned drivers are now asking “where the hell did this kid come from?”.

His second week-end of racing at Daytona International Speedway, he raced two races. He came in 2nd for the 1st race. He was able to bring home his first win from Daytona the following day. This meant the most to him of all his races so far. He was able to bring home a win from his home track.

The first week-end of September he returned to Sebring International Speedway. He ran two races on the long-course. He faced fierce competition. He came in 2nd place the first race of the week-end. He ended the week-end with his 4th win @ Sebring.

Timmy has huge dreams. He can’t wait to share his music with the world and is pursuing a ride in the Daytona Prototype, GT, Continental or Ferrari Challenge series. He plans to do it all. He’s come to learn a lot about the business of music and feels that his two career goals can complement each other and help him grow his fan base and help bring younger fans to the sport of sports car racing. He was thrilled to hear the news that Grand-Am and the American Lemans series are merging. He pursues his music, his life, his racing, his surfing with a ferocious determination and energy. He’s not really interested in “can’t”. He’s stoked to find out what opportunities are waiting.